Creating Ease Model: eCourse +eBook +eCoaching [bundle]

Creating Ease @Self @Work: eBook +eCourse +eCoaching Bundle

The sessions work so well. I became full of life, I am also very confident, calm and happy even if I’m tired and have a lot of work to do.  I noticed that I am even more playful.  I play with children and we are happy.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Eugenia C.
The Orchid Co.

 The exercises come in handy throughout the day. I’m having to navigate difficult conversations throughout the day. I’m feeling very capable and I have the tools and the inner strength to self-advocate and advocate for others.

Adrian P.
Software Developer

 I feel more confident and know how to address situations (but I’m also open to other’s ideas) and I have an improved focus with tons of details at work but also  in life direction and I just know what to do.

Tina S.

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Creaza-ti Usorul 2ebooks + Audio mp3 $11 USD
CreatingEase 2ebooks + Audio mp3 $11 USD
EaseModel 3Courses + 2eBooks + Audio mp3 $49 USD
EaseModel 3eCourse +2eBook +mp3 +1:1w'Instructor $149 USD

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    Creating Ease Model: eCourse +eBook +eCoaching [bundle] $149 USD
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        • 9+ hours of video
        • multiple autogenic training
        • access from any device
        • downloadable materials
        • lifetime access
        • email support
        • certificate of completion
        • ebook Creating Ease
        • ebook Creating Ease @Work
        • 1:1 with instructor during the
        • 1:1 with instructor at
          completion of the course