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Feelfulness: Have you ever wondered how influencers are able to pull audiences under their spell, and move them in a way that changes their beliefs and propels them into action?

Whether they are aware of it or not, the most powerful influencers use evocative language when they speak. By using hypnotic evocative patterns, you can communicate ideas to people in a way that allows them to respond to your suggestions without feeling they are told what to do.

We are able to do this by using what we call indirect suggestions with word triangles. Indirect suggestions are what allows you to present ideas as options and not as ultimatums.

Word triangles provide options way beyond perceived limitations. What makes indirect suggestions magical is that the majority of people respond to indirect suggestions as if it were a direct command, doing the thing being suggested, as if were direct orders. When this is done ethically, balance and well-being is attained.

This book describes how to use Word Triangles with Thoughts and Feelings to achieve what you want. Thoughts and feelings affect who you become and what you achieve and when you have the power to change them, you gain the power to change the turn of events, your health, your relationships, and your life.

With the use of Word Triangles, you’ll form evocative thought-feeling patterns to have all the tools you need to motivate and influence as powerfully and compellingly as the biggest influencer in the world.

Carmen Sauciuc

Carmen Sauciuc is the creator of FeelFulness® Feel a Feeling by Choice, drawing upon the principles of Functionalism espoused by Dr. William James, Interspersal Tailoring developed by Dr. Milton Erickson, and the Human Potential championed by Dr. Martin Seligman.

Feelfulness® is a practice designed to help you generate specific states of being and develop or modify your traits. It takes the concept of mindfulness to even greater depths by allowing you to become aware of your emotional states and then modify or influence it positively, all made possible by the incredible power of neuroplasticity. Feelfulness® -Feel a Feeling by Choice- employs methods where a feeling /emotion is experienced in anticipation by using unique linguistic elements such as evocators, movers, and descriptors arranged in triplicates, to evoke an experience in which you can cultivate a positive psychological state and develop new or modify existing personality traits.

Carmen Sauciuc is board certified by American Board of Hypnotherapy, International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapists, American Board of NeuroLinguistics, trained with the Milton H. Erickson Foundation, is a Contemporary Shaman, a Reiki Master Teacher and designs thought-feeling® practices as Feelfulness® techniques for both therapeutic purpose, peak performance or mastery.

Carmen Sauciuc coined the term “Feelfulness®” in 2011. A Mensa member and an international best-selling author Carmen professes “all it takes is willingness.”

If mindfulness is a state achieved by focusing your awareness on the present moment, calmly accepting your thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations, Carmen teaches you how to achieve a higher state of Feelfulness by choosing the thought-feelings® desired, generating that state and using it both as a therapeutic technique, peak performance or mastery.

Deliberately practicing chosen thought-feelings on a regular basis provides a significant tangible shift in your state of being. The verb to be is an example of a state verb which relates to the state of being. In other words, if you ARE, then you are in the State of Being. If something EXISTS, it is in the state of being too. Because ideas weaved with corresponding feelings become creative actions and tangible results, make sure to use this circular sequence of creation wisely:

• Awareness  • Thought  • Attention  • Choice  • Action 

The subconscious works in and from patterns so be persistent and insistent; repeat your thought-feelings to imprint on your subconscious to deliver you the reality you desire:  

• Pattern Recognition (Thoughts)  • Pattern Utilization  (Feelings)  • Pattern Creation (Thought-Feelings)

The masterful self never entertains a feeling which does not contribute to a desired achievable outcome. This is the secret of Mastery.

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