Authentic Dimensional Self:

 The most important Journey into Self Discovery, Ownership and Peak Performance Skills

William James (1842-1910) 

the father of Functional Psychology, focused on:

1. how mental processes work
2. helping organism adapt to their environment
3. the purpose of behavior process
4. introspection & observation
5. evolution

The Self

According to William James, there are multiple dimensions of the self, with two levels of hierarchy:  
1. the processes of knowing, called the 'I-self', and  
2. the resulting knowledge about the self, called the 'Me-self’  

The "Me" can be thought of as a separate object or individual a person refers to when describing their personal experiences, while the "I" is the self that knows who they are and what they have done in their life.

For James, the "I" part of self was the thinking self, which could not be further divided. He linked this part of the self to the soul of a person, or what is now thought of as the mind.

The self-concept is that what we think about the self; self-esteem, is the positive or negative evaluations of the self, as in how we feel about it. Self-esteem is regarded as: self-confidence, self-worth, self-regard, self-respect, self-integrity and so on. 


What is Emotional intelligence?

Emotional intelligence (EI) is most often defined as the ability to perceive, use, understand, manage, and handle emotions. People with high emotional intelligence can recognize their own emotions and the emotions of others.

90% of top performers in the workplace have high emotional intelligence! The more people can understand their own thoughts, feelings and emotions the more they can understand someone else’s.  Some studies indicate that people with high emotional IQs are better-equipped at negotiating, winning favor, making friends, and influencing others.

Whether you know it as Emotional Quotient (EQ), Emotional Intelligence (EI), or you’re more familiar with the idea of ‘Soft Skills’ more broadly, EI plays an important role in our daily lives.

What does it take to be emotionally intelligent? 

According to psychologist Daniel Goleman, who popularized and wrote extensively about the concept, there are five components of emotional intelligence.

Self Awareness

Self-awareness is the ability to recognize and understand your own emotions and is a critical emotional intelligence skill. Beyond just recognizing your emotions, however, being aware of the effect of your actions, moods, and emotions on other people is key.

Self Management

Self-regulation is all about expressing your emotions appropriately. Self-Management, or self-regulation, can be defined as the ability to manage one’s actions, thoughts, and feelings in flexible ways to get the desired results.

Optimal self-regulation contributes to a sense of well-being, a sense of self-efficacy or confidence, and a sense of connected-ness to others.

Social Awareness

Social Awareness is the ability to accurately notice the emotions of others and “read” situations appropriately. It is about sensing what other people are thinking and feeling to be able to take their perspective using your capacity for empathy.

Social skills is what helps people build meaningful relationships with other people and develop a stronger understanding of themselves and others.


Empathy is the ability to understand how others are feeling and your appropriate response to people based on this understanding.
Empathy is not sympathy. Empathy takes other people’s feelings into thoughtful consideration and then we can make an intelligent decision in respond to those feelings.

Strong empathy skills also help us get along better with others who see things differently from us. Careful listening with empathy can help avoid these misunderstandings.


Motivation is what causes you to act, whether it is getting a glass of water to reduce thirst or reading a book to gain knowledge. Motivation makes up the behavior process that initiates, guides, and maintains goals.

Motivation involves the biological, emotional, social, and cognitive forces that activate behavior.

Emotionally intelligent people are not motivated by external rewards like fame, money, recognition and acclaim.

Carmen Sauciuc, CHt


My name is Carmen Sauciuc,
I'm  your Peak Performance Skills expert with 12 years of neuro-linguistics experience as Applied Emotional Intelligece.  

When I first discovered feelfulness’ potential for influence and motivation, my life took a 90-degree turn. This is the reason I created this website because feelfulness’ potential for generating a state (feeling a feeling by choice) is unrivaled.

Did I say unrivaled? and exceptionally efficient?

Feelfulness techniques with Word Triangles through Thought-Feeling practices- are the exact tools you need to elevate your emotional intelligence quick for lasting results.

I’ve coined the term "Feelfulness" in 2011
and I'll show you HOW
1. to unleash the power of your Thought-Feelings with Word Triangles (neuro-language)
2. to re-direct your stream of thoughts (thought management)
3. to shift your mindset (re-pattern) and
4. create a desired consciousness (Generating States of... )
5. to productively register it in your Muscle Memory (automatic habits).   

 ... for both Therapeutic Purposes, Peak Perfomrance Skills or Mastery.  


Double your Emotional Intelligence

Recognizing and Increasing your Levels of Emotional Intelligence may be more important to your life than that of your general intelligence.  

Learn how to improve your Understanding of emotions, when they are appropriate and how to Change them when they do not lead to a more fulfilled life for you.

A life where we feel every emotion yet do not live in any one emotion, where we know how to be more effective with our emotional states and how to develop each area of our lives to ensure we are never "over-run" by emotions.

Feel a Feeling by Choice

Understanding and Increasing Awareness we already know how to do.  

But Feeling a Feeling by Choice when you need to Change an emotion that does not lead to a fulfilled life, is a completely different skill-set.  

Not only will you learn to ensure you are never "over-run" by your emotions but you will learn how to GENERATE a FEELING that will lead to an appropriate course of action.

Generate States of Being

Effortlessly Generating a State for you and your clients begins  with mastering Generating a Feeling that Leads to a State, having a clear discernment over the similarities and differences over the emoti-flavors (gradients) between various states of being (not just state of mind).    

Once mastered, your generated state can be made available or Transferred so-to-speak to your client or an audience (colleagues, family, or group of people).

This is the most amazing skill to acquire.


Some of the FIRST few things participants have experienced through this programme are:
1. other people became nicer to them

2. things just happen without effort

3. being calmer throughout the day

4. workload gets done faster & more accurate

5. shoulder load (weight of the world) is released

6. there's no more need to argue with people

7. improved relationships with their family, supervisors and friends

8. knowing what to do, even in the most dire of circumstances

9. increased confidence and motivation

and much much more... because this is just the beginning!
All these and much more at very affordable rates!
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  Five main benefits 

There are many benefits to Emotional intelligence, but here are just a few…

Whether at work or at home it provides better team work.  Teams with emotionally intelligent members have good communication, trust each other, and value each other’s input. When someone makes a suggestion, they’re able to respond in a positive and productive way.  

You can deal with change. Not many people like change, but Emotional intelligence gives you the tools you need to deal with any change that comes your way. At home and in the workplace, many people carry a negative attitude towards change but emotionally intelligent people are more positive and can inspire others to feel the same way.  

You can handle those tough conversations.  Whether it’s an angry family member or an upset employee, difficult conversations can stir up all sorts of emotions. If you have the right skills, you can handle those conversations with empathy by emotionally connecting with the other person to a common resolution.  

It’s an essential people skill.  Emotional intelligence allows you to quickly build trust with people, as well as  rapport (harmony) and you’ll be able to understand their feelings and empathize with them – very much needed for any role that involves working in teams, both at home and and work!  

It’s a key feature of a strong leader. Great leaders understand people; they know how they work, how to influence them, and how to inspire them. Emotional intelligence will help you to achieve this understanding in order to be a brilliant leader and guide your team in the right direction.

What does it look like when you’re performing at your best?

Most people describe peal performaces as:

1. Natural ability.  Some of us are born with a gift, and there’s not much we can do to change our innate abilities.      

2. Observational Skills. Peak performance requires a high level of skill that can only be achieved through many hours of practice under the guidance of experts.      

3. Mental focus and toughness. Peak performance requires cognitive and emotional strength and resilience. Even high performers sometimes fail to achieve or sustain optimal results because they sabotage themselves with destructive mental-emotional habits.  

What does performance coaching looks like?

Creating Ease coaching is about helping you achieve the very best version that you can be, by shifting your thought-feeling patterns.

1. We teach you to master you own thoughts and emotions.

2. We provide the tools you need to eliminate counterproductive thought-feeling habits and help you build positive thought patterns.

3. This is our performance coaching definition — training your old thought patterns to not get in the way of your results.

One size fits all does not Create Ease!

Creating Ease process ADAPTS to fit your needs.

One size fits all does not create Ease. Each person is unique. Creating Ease coaching delivers the tools you need to develop the skills and techniques that will help you succeed and incorporates many methods, so we can always find what works best for you.

Creating Ease model focuses on five key skills:      

1. Awareness: Relaxation. Unnecessary tension and anxiety interfere with peak performance. The right performance coaching tools will aid in relaxation. We use structured muscle relaxation, deep breathing, meditative techniques, and other practices so your mind will focus on success instead of worry.      

2. Thought: Self-talk. With effective coaching techniques such as thought-stopping, positive affirmations, and reframing, we help you counter the negative effects of destructive, self-defeating thought patterns.      

3. Attention: Imagery. Visualization is a powerful tool for focus and mastery. The right performance coaching tips turn your imagination into a means of acquiring skills, preparing mentally, correcting past mistakes, and other goals.      

4. Choice: Goal Setting. Performance coaching helps you focus on what you need to do right now, rather than aiming only for more distant outcomes.      

5. Action: Applied Emotional Intelligence. We use performance coaching techniques to eliminate distractions so you can focus both your thoughts, emotions and your physical effort on that which is most essential.  Coaching to improve performance starts by identifying what’s hanging you up.  

Once we know which areas need to be built up, we can select the techniques best-suited to you.


Is peak performance coaching right for me?

Even the most elite athletes meet regularly with their trainers for a tune-up. A performance coach is your proof that you’re seriously committed to being the best version that you can be. If you know you want to achieve more and you’re willing to do the work, you’re ready for coaching with Creating Ease.

The benefits of coaching are many; 80% of people who receive coaching report increased self-confidence and they benefit from improved relationships, improved work performance, and a better life experience.

Why is coaching necessary?

Because thoughts and feelings affect who you become and what you achieve and when you gain the the power to change them, you gain the power to change your relationships, your health, your life. You gain the power to choose HOW you wish to experience the world and HOW you wish the deliver your life’s purpose. This is a big deal!


In today's New Normal moving at at speedy rate, being your Authentic Self, knowing who you are, how to make the right choices for who you are, is probably one of the hardest things to do.

We are told the Logical thinking skills have more value over the Observation skills and that is not so. Because being your authentic self requires a lot of observation I've developed these techniques called thought-feeling practices. We use a specific thought coupled with a specific feeling and we practice by adding symbols and evocative communication direct to your automatic habits,

You’ll learn how to construct and deconstruct, how to do Excellence, have things just happen, without effort.

These techniques are so beautifully crafted with Neuro-Linguistics ... it will Shift you!

I mean with these techniques you can achieve the highest levels of dimensional existence within your authentic identity possible here and on Planet Earth.

Isn’t it wonderful for you to be able to achieve those levels of existence?

I encourage you to sign up and be patient. Give yourself two hours a week to nurture yourself and step more into your authentic self, be happier and successful overall.


Some of the first few things participants have experienced through this programme are:

1. other people became nicer to them
2. things just happen without effort
3. being calmer throughout the day
4. workload gets done faster & more accurate
5. shoulder load (weight of the world) is released
6. there's no more need to argue with people
7. improved relationships with their family, supervisors and friends
8. knowing what to do, even in the most dire of circumstances
9. increased confidence and motivation
             and much much more... because this is just the beginning!

All these and much more at very affordable rates!
Call for a free consultation 1+773+817+6000

"I hope people catch on to what’s happening here with these particular classes because it’s something very special. Unlike any course I’ve encountered so far. Higher-level content. I’m still new but what I can say is, in general, watch/listen to these lessons repeatedly. Let it wash over you and maybe as you do you can enjoy just wondering what it might be like to experience something new, something expansive, the sort of thing that most everyone truly wants at a deeper level. You’ll see, you’ll know." Christopher J

“In this crazy and quickly moving world, as most of us are, I struggle keeping up with demands, overwhelm, procrastination, lack of energy and focus, skewed self image and lack of confidence. I do not know what kind higher powers this wonderful lady has, but just after the first session, I felt so much mental clarity, focus, energy and was able to do in one day what I was putting off and finding excuses not to do in weeks...Sooooo looking forward to the rest of my journey with her! I felt compelled to share my wonderful experience here because I know there are so many of us who struggle daily, feeling hopeless and overwhelmed. who need this lady in our lives!!! August K

"Been with CreatingEase about 4 months . I am a stock trader and wanted to have more control over my emotions while trading. She has taught me many techniques that work. Through this journey I am working on different parts of my life I want to improve. I recommend her because I have had good results . SAH

“There are many "big-hat coaches" nowadays that claim to have a vast amount of information that can "change your life" and while they may offer phenomenal information that may in-fact alter one's trajectory, I have yet to come across a MENTOR who EXPLAINS in detail the importance of chosen Thoughts and Feelings and how to use them effectively to achieve my results. I applaud you, for your impeccable contribution of crystal clear guidance and instruction in this universe of "abstract" and Thank you for your beautiful spirit." JJ
“The most amazing effect from doing this work, totally, incredibly life changing! I find myself not “reacting” to other people’s “stuff” much anymore! I feel wonderful in my body and mind. My relationships have gotten better and easier. My business relationships have improved. And, especially interesting, is that I’m happy without effort!!! Thank you so much, Carmen, for your patience and dedication! This has been one of the most precious experiences in my life. What a gift. Please don’t stop your work! I can’t wait for another session.”  AW

"when I'm with you, the feeling I have is protection. I feel protected around you, next to you. I know nothing and nobody can touch me. It is an amazing safety feeling, such a god good good feeling. Thank you." SB

“What I like about you most is that you don't try to change my belief system but work with it and I really appreciate this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart..”  EG

“I find that my self worth has increase by respecting myself and setting good boundaries. I as well tend to avoid reacting to difficult situations in a negative energy and handle them better. I know I can not change the fact the my ex is an alcholic but I made the choice to leave and start over. I accepted that it would not be easy but by accepting to make the choice and face my difficulties it made it easier. TC

“I'm feeling like a brand new person, I’m feeling super tall, and those feelings of fear are away in the corner very very small, trembling, not recognizing this tall brave being, I have always been very timid, but now I'm super tall...   I’m usually timid and shy and have no confidence but my confidence has increased a lot and I noticed that when I react to people I react out of fear so now I am more confident and I do not have a need to please others as everybody has their own way to express their power like a boss or superior but I can respect that and not react with fear because even the boss wants to have a smooth today as well as I do." CB
"I talked to my dad how I felt about his lack of support and me always looking for his approval. I did not feel anything negative from him and then I felt guilty of me accusing him of not supporting me. His mom died when he was 10 and his dad was an arse I heard. My dad did the best he knew and have gave him 100% Forgiveness, as I am using too much energy blaming him and I need to be responsible for my future. He supported his family and taught me how to be a responsible father. Many of my friends never had a father growing up. I now feel I am making these negative feeling an excuse for me to blame my parents instead of myself for not having confidence and aways a "glass half empty" mentality. It's weird I never really thought about this stuff till I hit my 50's. I need to get over these stupid beliefs if I am going to be at peace with my self and love my self more. I can't be happy 'till I accept myself and love my self instead of looking outside my self. " SH
“I feel more confident and know how to address situations (but I’m also open to other’s ideas) and I have an improved focus in life direction and I just know what to do.” CS
“The sessions work so well. I became (more) full of life, I am also very confident, calm and happy even if I’m tired and have a lot of work to do.  I noticed that I am even more playful.  I play with children and we are happy.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” GE"
“I practice the techniques and I’m feeling more joyful (like a child), capable, clear thinking, certain, happy and peaceful. In real life, not just in my mind’s eye.” TK
“So, this was such an amazing experience! I followed all the feelings of the words and got into a tremendous state of peace and strong feelings of hope, calm, and clarity. Very, very strong!  I wish more people would learn this. If only we all could do this together, I think the planet and or interactions and lives would change.” AW
"The exercises come in handy throughout the day. I’m having to navigate difficult conversations throughout the day. I’m feeling very capable and I have the tools and the inner strength to self-advocate and advocate for others.” TK
“I cannot explain how awesome I feel. I feel solid like a rock energetically, physically, and emotionally! I feel SO powerful as a person right now in this moment. I hope to carry this energy with me for as long as I can, and I’m Sooo HAPPY! THANK YOU!”  AW
“The next morning I had clear thoughts about what my next moves in life should be.” AN
"I feel like “I lost something” I feel “very very light” like I am flying! The wight of the world is not on my shoulders anymore. Keep up the hard work thank you for being there for us”  MP
“I definitely noticed a difference almost immediately after our meeting. I can certainly say I felt really energized more than I have in 5 years! I strongly believe that our sessions has made a significant difference, because I was able to handle things better and did not have anxiety as much as I usually do. It seems to have evaporated. I really did feel like I was lighter like something I was carrying wasn’t there anymore on a physical level I felt lighter. I was also able to really notice things like the river on the side of my house I looked more colorful and beautiful. I would usually look out the window and be depressed and I noticed the beauty of things I guess things just seem to more colorful or brighter that’s what I have observed. I also feel more positive with my perspective— so when my husband was a little pessimistic I remained optimistic and did not argue with him. Which is a great breakthrough for me! While driving to the store yesterday there were a few drivers I normally would’ve gotten irritated with while driving and I normally would’ve drove around them to pass them.. But instead I was patient with some drivers that I normally would get totally irritated with LOL! I stayed very positive. Basically I had a lot of peace of mind which is something I haven’t had for so long so I really noticed it. I believe that working with you has a profound impact on my life in a positive way. Which is some thing that I do look forward to! Thanks again so much and I have undying gratitude for your support with healing." TM