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Pricing Options

Initial Assessment Hypnotherapy 90-120 min $175 USD
Regular One Session 50-70 min $125 USD
One Regression Session 90min $145 USD
3 sessions, get 25% off one session $347 USD
5 sessions, get 50% off one session $547 USD
Soul /Gift Retrieval / Gift (3-4 hrs) $447 USD

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    Request an Appointment $175 USD
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    $175 USD

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        What you will get in this plan?

        • an initial consultation
        • scheduled for 1.5-2 Hrs
        • to learn about healing options
        • and to establish a healing
          plan / goals
        • includes a deep relaxation

        “The sessions work so well. I became (more) full of life. I am also very confident, calm and happy even if I’m tired and have a lot of work to do.  I noticed that I am even more playful.  I play with children and we are happy.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I'm so happy I met you.”



        “I cannot explain how awesome I feel. I feel solid like a rock energetically, physically, and emotionally! I feel so powerful as a person right now in this moment. I hope to carry this energy with me for as long as I can, and I’m Sooo Happy! Thank You”  



        "The exercises come in handy throughout the day. I’m having to navigate difficult conversations throughout the day. I’m feeling very capable and I have the tools and the inner strength to self-advocate but also  advocate for others as well.”