Carmen Sauciuc, CHt    

Board Certified Ericksonian Hypnosis, NLP
Life Coaching, Positive Psychology Coach, Emotional Intelligence Skills
Generating States of Being, Transformational Leadership

Carmen Sauciuc coined the term Feelfulness a set of emotional intelligence techniques for Generating States as Peak Performance Skills by using Word Triangles (neuro-language). If mindfulness (mind+fulness) is a choice with shift in Thought, then Feelfulness (feel+fulness) is a choice with shift in FEELING. Thought comes second, senses come first, therefore knowing how to choose the thoughts that generate your emotions and then choose the feeling to accompany that thought will lead to Generating a desired State which can be used both as a therapeutic technique, peak performance or mastery.

Because the subconscious works from patterns 1. Pattern Recognition (thoughts) 2. Pattern Utilization (feelings) and 3. Pattern Creation (thought-feelings), by repeating chosen Thought-Feelings© you will imprint on your subconscious to deliver your reality, and because ideas weaved with corresponding feelings become creative actions and tangible results, Carmen provides the Creating Ease Model© a circular sequence for Pattern Creation. 1. Awareness, 2. Thought, 3. Attention, 4. Choice, 5. Action (thought-feeling©).

Why? because the masterful self never entertains a feeling which does not contribute to a desired achievable outcome. This is the secret of mastery.

Carmen Sauciuc is influenced by Milton Erickson's solution focused neuroplasticity and William James' functional psychology and seeks to address the requirements of basic human needs as described by Abraham Maslow. She is board certified in Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapy by the American Board of Hypnotherapy and Neurolinguistic, is trained with the prestigious Milton H. Erickson Foundation and certified in higher consciousness (shamanism) helping clients achieve Ease, Mastery and Self-Actualization.

Carmen's Thought-Feeling© practices are unique mind-body connection techniques that have lasting effects through the power of neuroplasticity by providing a set of intuitive skills as applied emotional intelligence, to increase your self-awareness and resilience while dismantling your insecurities and self-sabotaging habits to achieve a higher degree of emotional intelligence as peak performance skills.

With a high degree of self-awareness and great purity of mind, being fascinated by Consciousness and Creation, from a young age Carmen embarked on exploring the wider realms of human existence where she uncovered a ton of hidden gems. Understanding complex subjects coupled with the capability to break them down to smaller pieces for common sense understanding, comes easy to her and empowers her to teach others how to create Ease and achieve Mastery in everyday life.

A Mensa member, mixed media artist and an international best-selling author Carmen professes “all it takes is willingness.”

Academically trained in Economics Financial Accounting, her professional endeavors in the corporate world offered opportunities that allowed her to develop systems of automation and increased performance efficiencies. Her motto “work less, accomplish more” coupled with her gained proficiency in streamlining business processes and procedures, enabled her to carry forward this expertise to other areas of living systems, to one of the most important bio-systems being that of human behavior.

With persistence and determination, she was able to conquer several auto-immune conditions, chronic pain and dis-ease and armed with a wealth of practical knowledge, she is unveiling the underlying energies that are sabotaging our biology at a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level.

The term Emotional Intelligence was first used in 1985 by Wayne Leon Payne in "A Study of Emotion: Developing Emotional Intelligence; Self-Integration; Relating to Fear, Pain and Desire" where he stated that Emotional Intelligence is a SKILL that involves a creative relationship with the states of fear, pain and desire!

Carmen's techniques focus on consciously revealing internal meta-programs that affects your well-being and utilizing this knowledge to re-pattern your internal processes. Thought comes second, senses come first, therefore knowing how to choose the thoughts that generate your emotions and then choose the appropriate feeling will lead to Generating a desired State (applied emotional intelligence) which can be used both as a therapeutic technique, peak performance or mastery.

How do you wish to feel?


Appointment hours :  Initial consultation can take from 90 min to 120 min to help you establish goals and to learn about what is available to you.  After that, a session can last anywhere from 50 min to 75 min depending on where you are with your progress.  

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Since Creating Ease model is packed with applied emotional intelligence techniques, I took the time to convert the information into an online course (with downloadable eBook), thus being able to offer you the guided thought-feeling practices recorded in the audio format, as well as an opportunity to get a 1:1 with me if you wish.

Behavior and human practices are central to how we experience individual reality and I am happy to be able to guide you into ​elevating your emotional intelligence by Creating Ease or more ease into your life and the life of others.

The thought-feeling practices are not the same as positive thinking nor are the same as meditation, they are called practices because they are to be practiced.

Ease does not fall form the sky: we have to constantly tend to it.  In this day and age difficulties arise every other minute!

You might have noticed a higher intensity of life problems, a not-enough-time to get things done and a reduction in thinking throughout from one end to the other!  As most of us are not filthy rich, we are pushed to working more hours which leaves us with less time ...

So, how can we better manage the intensity of our lives? How can we flow with the ups and downs of life's waves while maintaining sanity, good health and well-being?

Are there methods we can implement to help us ride these waves with more Ease?

Can these methods be practiced individually or with groups? Can Ease be cultivated?
Yes, yes, and yes!

History is determined by consciousness and will!  Your personal history is determined by your consciousness and your will!

How would you like to experience your life? What are you looking to accomplish in life?  Would you like a little more Ease? a little more flow and less resistance, fewer obstacles and more fulfillment?

Ease is an achievable outcome by integrating a powerful new skill-set with freedom and choice, unleashing your innate potentials in rightfully regaining personal autonomy within unity consciousness, a togetherness of life.

Togetherness is a highly important aspect of life, it unites us, it gives us a sense of belonging and a much-needed support: where there's two (or more) the stability increases and the weakness disintegrates.

For the past several years I have been leading an extraordinary evolutionary process called Creating Ease, a re-unification of the Individual with the Collective, a Togetherness in rightfully regaining our personal sovereignty within the unity consciousness
that transcends the interpersonal realm.

Creating Ease is for the people, about the people, Together with people.

I brought this togetherness not only in personal group practices but within the workplace organization as well, and I witnessed some miraculous transformations within the people, an elevated emotional intelligence that flows seamlessly through the waves of life.

There is a sacred nurturing beyond the words, so listen with your heart, to hear what is communicated: it is the heart that unites and it is the mind that separates.

Yet the most flexible part of the human body is the mind!  So what aspect of the mind separated you from Ease? From unity? From togetherness? Which Thought patterns?

Liking or Disliking?
Poor health?
Broken heart?

Your individual beliefs and values coupled with your behavior is what constructs your reality.  It comes from your mind through your behavior and it creates your experience of life.

In Togetherness, an elevated emotional intelligence state, unifying the thought patterns is done by collaboration and cooperation without the need of followers, where each creation is owned and credited to individual creators and not allocated to private profits, but creating thought-patterns (and later behavior patterns) and products that satisfy human needs and benefits the collective through togetherness.

Togetherness in unity consciousness transcends the interpersonal realm:  Creating Ease is for the people, about the people, together with people.  

In unity consciousness, leadership functions merely as a structure for connecting the needs of humans with the gifts of the creators, without scaling for personal profits, instead combining efficiency with relevance to not only satisfy the needs of people but to increase the well-being of everyone.

This is where I conceived the Creating Ease model from: satisfying human needs, regardless of your national origin, culture or color to elevate your emotional intelligence for increasing your well-being.

Redefining and applying these five ingredients of Ease to/from all 360 degrees and angles, will create well-being into your life and the life of others, and will elevate your emotional intelligence in unity consciousness and help you stay there!  Riding the waves of life from and with unity in togetherness, honoring each other and honoring overall life.

Give ease a chance!


 "I hope people catch on to what’s happening here with these particular classes because it’s something very special. Unlike any course I’ve encountered so far. Higher-level content. I’m still new but what I can say is, in general, watch/listen to these lessons repeatedly. Let it wash over you and maybe as you do you can enjoy just wondering what it might be like to experience something new, something expansive, the sort of thing that most everyone truly wants at a deeper level. You’ll see, you’ll know." Christopher J, USA

 "by God that was at least 100% of shared engagement and presence and modeling what it was you were communicating... I thought that was phenomenal it was a whole different level from all the demonstrations I've seen thus far in the intensives... because the danger with a lot of these exercises is that people are putting quite a bit of emotions into trying to tie the technique but you just said the heck with that and you Embodied it and you Were There and that's what I picked up and Felt what you were doing so that was highly impressive stuff, a whole 'nother level ... " JFL, Ireland

 "I can see how being focused from higher mind allows us better and more accurate productivity. The higher mind is more complex. We need to learn to relax and clear our minds. We need to find ways to focus on our inner thoughts. In order to achieve better attention and a more focused mind. We need to become self aware and adapt a new and clearer way of thinking. It's interesting that when you focus on an image how the mind knows how to concentrate better. It's nice to be so relaxed and at ease. Becoming more self aware and being more present is a good skill to have." Nick Y, USA

 "I'd like to mention here my experience with Higher mind technique for the FIRST time. I instantly found it to be calming, mental chatter has vanished and attention and focus improved instantly. Thank you for sharing and guiding through the process.  Thank you!"
Dr A Kulkarni, India

 "I learned about having simultaneous attention. To focus on different scenarios becoming good at observing my surroundings and becoming more attentive. What a diference. There are different skills to having a good attention span. I notice objects more clearer with more accurate details. I have more awareness of a specific issue and am able to remember the details of the thing. I learned to move to a more advanced mind, become observant in order for the issue to become clearer." Nicolene D, USA  

 "I enjoy been more focused. There are different levels of attention eg: Divided attention, Simultaneous attention. We can find that we are giving attention to more than one scenario at a time. The mind is powerful and stores information and thoughts. We have deeper thoughts than the daily thoughts of work and personal life. It does take time to focus my mind. I am used to focusing on more than one scenario in my work environment. When I am focused I enjoy the result."  Sorika C, South Africa

"There is a hierarchical order in the levels of attention. Just like language, attention also have many layers of hierarchy."
Bevin V, India  

 "The higher mind is more complex. We need to learn to relax and clear our minds. We need to find ways to focus on our inner thoughts. In order to achieve better attention and a more focused mind. We need to become self aware and adapt a new and clearer way of thinking." Laura D, USA

"when I'm with you, the feeling I have is protection. I feel protected around you, next to you. I know nothing and nobody can touch me. It is an amazing safety feeling, such a god good good feeling. Thank you." SB

“The most amazing effect from doing this work, totally, incredibly life changing! I find myself not “reacting” to other people’s “stuff” much anymore! I feel wonderful in my body and mind. My relationships have gotten better and easier. My business relationships have improved. And, especially interesting, is that I’m happy without effort!!! Thank you so much, Carmen, for your patience and dedication! This has been one of the most precious experiences in my life. What a gift. Please don’t stop your work! I can’t wait for another session.”  AW
“The pain is gone…. and, there is no fear…” NB
“What I like about you most is that you don't try to change my belief system but work with it and I really appreciate this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart..”  EG

“That was such a good session, you are so talented, very sofisticated Ericksonian style, very very permissive... I feel so much better... Even next day while doing the groceries I still feel weirdly better. RG

“In this crazy and quickly moving world, as most of us are, I struggle keeping up with demands, overwhelm, procrastination, lack of energy and focus, skewed self image and lack of confidence. I do not know what kind higher powers this wonderful lady posseses, but just after one hypnosis session, I felt so much mental clarity, focus, energy and was able to do in one day what I was putting off and finding excuses not to do in weeks...Sooooo looking forward to the rest of my journey with her! I felt compelled to share my wonderful experience here because I know there are so many of us who struggle daily, feeling hopeless and overwhelmed. who need this lady in our lives!!! AK

“I find that my self worth has increase by respecting myself and setting good boundaries. I as well tend to avoid reacting to difficult situations in a negative energy and handle them better. I know I can not change the fact the my ex is an alcholic but I made the choice to leave and start over. I accepted that it would not be easy but by accepting to make the choice and face my difficulties it made it easier. TC

“I keep practicing the steps and I am happier. The other day when my wife ask me to do something that usually frustrates me, I did the steps, I didn't procrastinate doing it and I actually felt good after doing it. Thank you!" SA

“I noticed a difference right after the first session. NO more frustration with myself for gaining weight after the 2nd session I started eating healthier and picked up on exercising again, which I have not done in the past few years. Thank you.” VR"

“I finally was able to let go of my ex husband. It's been over 5 years since the divorce, but I still kept hanging on to the relationship even though he has moved on with a significant other, other than me. What a cleansing to finally let go. I feel like I droped a heavy weight. SB

"Been with CreatingEase about 4 months . I am a stock trader and wanted to have more control over my emotions while trading. She has taught me many techniques that work. Through this journey I am working on different parts of my life I want to improve. I recommend her because I have had good results . SAH

“There are many "big-hat coaches" nowadays that claim to have a vast amount of information that can "change your life" and while they may offer phenomenal information that may in-fact alter one's trajectory, I have yet to come across a MENTOR who EXPLAINS in detail the importance of chosen Thoughts and Feelings and how to use them effectively to achieve my results. I applaud you, for your impeccable contribution of crystal clear guidance and instruction in this universe of "abstract" and Thank you for your beautiful spirit." JJ
“I'm feeling like a brand new person, I’m feeling super tall, and those feelings of fear are away in the corner very very small, trembling, not recognizing this tall brave being, I have always been very timid, but now I'm super tall...   I’m usually timid and shy and have no confidence but my confidence has increased a lot and I noticed that when I react to people I react out of fear so now I am more confident and I do not have a need to please others as everybody has their own way to express their power like a boss or superior but I can respect that and not react with fear because even the boss wants to have a smooth today as well as I do." CB
"I talked to my dad how I felt about his lack of support and me always looking for his approval. I did not feel anything negative from him and then I felt guilty of me accusing him of not supporting me. His mom died when he was 10 and his dad was an arse I heard. My dad did the best he knew and have gave him 100% Forgiveness, as I am using too much energy blaming him and I need to be responsible for my future. He supported his family and taught me how to be a responsible father. Many of my friends never had a father growing up. I now feel I am making these negative feeling an excuse for me to blame my parents instead of myself for not having confidence and aways a "glass half empty" mentality. It's weird I never really thought about this stuff till I hit my 50's. I need to get over these stupid beliefs if I am going to be at peace with my self and love my self more. I can't be happy 'till I accept myself and love my self instead of looking outside my self. " SH
“I feel more confident and know how to address situations (but I’m also open to other’s ideas) and I have an improved focus in life direction and I just know what to do.” CS
“The sessions work so well. I became (more) full of life, I am also very confident, calm and happy even if I’m tired and have a lot of work to do.  I noticed that I am even more playful.  I play with children and we are happy.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” GE"
“I practice the techniques and I’m feeling more joyful (like a child), capable, clear thinking, certain, happy and peaceful. In real life, not just in my mind’s eye.” TK
“I definitely noticed a difference almost immediately after our meeting. I can certainly say I felt really energized more than I have in 5 years! I strongly believe that our one session has made a significant difference, because I was able to handle things better and did not have anxiety as much as I usually do. It seems to have evaporated. I really did feel like I was lighter like something I was carrying wasn’t there anymore on a physical level I felt lighter. I was also able to really notice things like the river on the side of my house I looked more colorful and beautiful. I would usually look out the window and be depressed and I noticed the beauty of things I guess things just seem to more colorful or brighter that’s what I have observed. I also feel more positive with my perspective— so when my husband was a little pessimistic I remained optimistic and did not argue with him. Which is a great breakthrough for me! While driving to the store yesterday there were a few drivers I normally would’ve gotten irritated with while driving and I normally would’ve drove around them to pass them.. But instead I was patient with some drivers that I normally would get totally irritated with LOL! I stayed very positive. Basically I had a lot of peace of mind which is something I haven’t had for so long so I really noticed it. I believe that working with you has a profound impact on my life in a positive way. Which is some thing that I do look forward to! Thanks again so much and I have undying gratitude for your support with healing." TM
“So, this was such an amazing experience! I followed all the feelings of the words and got into a tremendous state of peace and strong feelings of hope, calm, and clarity. Very, very strong!  I wish more people would learn this. If only we all could do this together, I think the planet and or interactions and lives would change.” AW
“Tonight was a very interesting session. It brought much awareness to the thoughts I was thinking and where I was putting my attention.” ES
“I cannot explain how awesome I feel. I feel solid like a rock energetically, physically, and emotionally! I feel SO powerful as a person right now in this moment. I hope to carry this energy with me for as long as I can, and I’m Sooo HAPPY! THANK YOU!”  AW
“Thank You Carmen for another great session. This morning I felt my whole physical body very peaceful and calm. Looking forward to the next session.” GM
"The exercises come in handy throughout the day. I’m having to navigate difficult conversations throughout the day. I’m feeling very capable and I have the tools and the inner strength to self-advocate and advocate for others.” TK
“Oh wow what an unbelievable session Carmen! Thank you thank you thank you thank you! Do not ask me where I was floating tonight other than it was the most peaceful place I’ve ever been to! Keep doing the great work!” AH
"I was feeling a bit anxious before the session and I was still trying to unwind after a long day. By the time the session ended I felt such a sense of calm and peace and all the tension in my body was gone. I had a smile on my face. I went to bed feeling happy.” ES
“Thank you Carmen, your guidance was very clear and well structured. It was very valuable for me. Thank you for your insights and suggestions and for all your time and energy. After the session I felt calm and refreshed.”  GM
“I am so glad I was able to do the session. I felt free from negative thoughts & worries, I felt emotionally balanced, peaceful, detached from all problems." EE
“Before the session I had a stomach ache and back ache which completely went away after doing the session.” ES
“I have to say I tend to allow stress to build in my life. After the session, I felt so relaxed and free. I look forward to gaining more insight each week.” RW
“My experience is always very astonishing. I give myself fully into the process of cleansing my body and soul and get rewarded with a long anticipated ease of mind!  Thank you Carmen.”  AS”
“The next morning I had clear thoughts about what my next moves in life should be.” AN
“This was my first time I went through a session,  I felt like “I lost something” I felt “very very light” like I was flying ! Keep up the hard work thank you for being there for us”  MP

Mindfulness (mind-fulness) = a choice with shift in thought,
Feelfulness© (feel-fulness) = a choice with shift in FEELING !!!

Appointment hours :  Initial consultation can take from 90 min to 120 min to help you establish goals and to learn about what is available to you. After that, a session can last anywhere from 50 min to 75 min depending on where you are with your progress.    
Call NOW to schedule yours +1 773.817.6000