How to Improve your Focus and Concentration Power

Attention is Your Super-Power: The Secret to Success is Laser Focus! 

How to develop Cognitive Dominance that will give you the Competitive Edge you Need in today's fast moving world…

Observation Skills

Attention-Allocation Skills

Focusing Skills

Concentration Skills

Memory Recall Skills

Long Lasting Intuititve
and FUN Skills

Attention is the most important skill of life and it is the basis for all other skills you need to be independent, productive and successful at what you do.

Attention is the ability to choose and concentrate on relevant stimuli, a very important cognitive ability and is an essential function in your daily life.

The more you purposefully observe things, the quicker it will become a habit and the better your focalizaton and memorarization will sharpen and develop into a powerful habits.

 Increased awareness and observation are crucial to best manage Attention, Focus, Concentration and Memorization.

Focusing is very important because focusing is the gateway to all thinking, perception, memory, learning, reasoning, problem-solving and decision-making.

Without good Focus all aspects of your ability to Think will suffer. If you can't Focus effectively you can Think effectively

There’s something NEW and special being introduced here to expand your Attentional & Observational Resources with highly INTUITIVE techniques for developing a brand new set of Skills as Automatic Habits.  

You will not find this approach nor these techniques any other place!  

This is Neuroplasticity at its Best!

  • How to elevate yourself to a higher level when it comes to your ability to allocate attention, focus and concentrate 
  • How to learn INTUITIVE techniques and methods that will enhance your concentration, memory recall, ability to focus, and your attention span 
  • How to allocate your attention and observation resources properly!
  • How to better allocate your time properly and organize your tasks in a smooth and cognitively intuitive manner
  • How to become more productive, more creative, while improving and enhancing your memory and recalling
  • By the end of this course, you will develop cognitive dominance with an enhanced ability that will expand you beyond your ordinary limits
  • By the end of this course, you will gain the capacity to better allocate your attention resources and better focus on subjects that matter in the moment while ignore or allocate minimal attention resource subjects that do not matter in the moment

Attention is Your Super Power!  The Secret to Success: Laser Focus!

How Transformative Learning works?

First: An event or a series of events is needed as a CATALYST for change.  A person’s experiences usually do not coincide with their current framework of perceptions, beliefs, and views of the world.  Often, these are revealed in ‘aha’ moments and lead to a re-evaluation of a person’s identity, believes, values and even perceptions So it is the "aha" moments we are looking to catalize in this course

Second: A person becomes aware of their assumptions, and/or other people's assumptions, and is able to engage in self-reflection.  This reflection stage highlights an intelligent disorganization of previous believes and perceptions, and welcomes and transformative learning which is highly effective in navigating other possibilities.

Third: A person acknowledges their newly acquired beliefs & perceptions, and becomes efficient at being able to implement them.  This in turn, changes a person’s being-ness in relation to the world.

The third stage  establishes a successful and life-fulfilling paradigm SHIFT.

  • Get a Brand New Set of 
  • Attention-Allocation Skills while, also having Fun  
  • Observational Resources
  • Transformative Learning
  • The Power of Focus
  • Calm Concentration
  • Memory Recall
  • ... through Cognitive & Long Lasting Intuitive Techniques

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  • Attention, what it is and what it is not, how to improve your attention span.
  • Layers of Thought! The loud thoughts are not the only thoughts you have.
  • Focalization, how to improve your focus, how it works, with groundbreaking techniques to maximize your focus.
  • Memorization and how the brain compartmentalizes memorization and focalization.
  • Observation, how to distinguish between normal type of observation and simultaneous type of observation.
  • Through the process of Transformative Learning you will learn a lot of groundbreaking Techniques.
  • Techniques that are going to help you enhance your attention span from your INSTINCTUAL level.

  • Gain the capacity to better focus & increase your memorization capacity on the subjects that matter.
  • And ignore or allocate minimal attention resources to subjects that don't matter.

what people are saying

 "I hope people catch on to what’s happening here with these particular classes because it’s something very special. Unlike any course I’ve encountered so far. Higher-level content. I’m still new but what I can say is, in general, watch/listen to these lessons repeatedly. Let it wash over you and maybe as you do you can enjoy just wondering what it might be like to experience something new, something expansive, the sort of thing that most everyone truly wants at a deeper level. You’ll see, you’ll know." Christopher J, USA

 "by God that was at least 100% of shared engagement and presence and modeling what it was you were communicating... I thought that was phenomenal it was a whole different level from all the demonstrations I've seen thus far in the intensives... because the danger with a lot of these exercises is that people are putting quite a bit of emotions into trying to tie the technique but you just said the heck with that and you Embodied it and you Were There and that's what I picked up and Felt what you were doing so that was highly impressive stuff, a whole 'nother level ... " JFL, Ireland

 "I can see how being focused from higher mind allows me better and more accurate insight. The higher mind is more complex with more clarity. We need to learn to relax and clear our minds. When I focus on quieter thoughts I achieve more insight and a clearer mind; becoming self aware and adapting to this new and clearer way of thinking is a necesity. It's interesting that when I focus on an image how the mind knows how to concentrate better. It's nice to be so relaxed and at ease. Becoming more self aware and being more present surely adds to confidence." Natalia S, USA

 "I'd like to mention here my experience with Higher mind technique for the FIRST time. I instantly found it to be calming, mental chatter has vanished and attention and focus improved instantly. Thank you for sharing and guiding through the process.  Thank you!"
Dr A Kulkarni, India

 "I learned about having simultaneous attention. To focus on different scenarios becoming good at observing my surroundings and becoming more attentive. What a diference. There are different skills to having a good attention span. I notice objects more clearer with more accurate details. I have more awareness of a specific issue and am able to remember the details of the thing. I learned to move to a more advanced mind, become observant in order for the issue to become clearer." Nicolene D, USA  

 "I enjoy been more focused. There are different levels of attention eg: Divided attention, Simultaneous attention. We can find that we are giving attention to more than one scenario at a time. The mind is powerful and stores information and thoughts. We have deeper thoughts than the daily thoughts of work and personal life. It does take time to focus my mind. I am used to focusing on more than one scenario in my work environment. When I am focused I enjoy the result."  Sorika C, South Africa

"There is a hierarchical order in the levels of attention. Just like language, attention also have many layers of hierarchy."
Bevin V, India  

 "The higher mind is more complex. We need to learn to relax and clear our minds. We need to find ways to focus on our inner thoughts. In order to achieve better attention and a more focused mind. We need to become self aware and adapt a new and clearer way of thinking." Laura D, USA

Carmen Sauciuc, CHt

Carmen Sauciuc is board certified in Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapy, trained with the Milton H. Erickson Foundation, is a Contemporary Shaman, a Reiki Master Teacher and designs thought-feeling® practices as feelfulness techniques for both therapeutic purpose, peak performance or mastery.

Carmen Sauciuc coined the term “feelfulness” in 2011. A Mensa member, mixed media artist and an international best-selling author Carmen professes “all it takes is willingness.”

If mindfulness is a state achieved by focusing your awareness on the present moment, calmly accepting your feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, Carmen teaches you how to achieve a higher state of Feelfulness by choosing the thought-feelings® desired, generating that state and using it both as a therapeutic technique, peak performance or mastery.

Carmen states: "Deliberately practicing chosen thought-feelings on a regular basis provides a significant tangible shift in your state of being. Because ideas weaved with corresponding feelings become creative actions and tangible results, make sure to use this circular sequence of creation wisely:

• Awareness  • Thought  • Attention  • Choice  • Action (generating states)

The subconscious works in and from patterns so be persistent and insistent; repeat your thought-feelings to imprint on your subconscious to deliver you the reality you desire:  • Pattern Recognition - Thoughts  • Pattern Utilization - Feelings  • Pattern Creation - Thought-Feelings

The masterful self never entertains a feeling which does not contribute to a desired achievable outcome. This is the secret of mastery."

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Long list of Tasks to do?

Learn intuitive methods to remember what you want.

Stress and Anxiety?

Get the tools you need to reduce your stress and anxiety, and get the results you want in life.

Forget more easily? 

Lean techniques to help you remember and recall more easily.

Mind blanking too often?

Learn how to focus. Learn to listen. Learn how to break down information into manageable chunks.

The must-have Skills offered here will utilize both gamma and theta brainwaves (specific focused mental activity) which work together in cortical processing related to cognitive functions. The skills acquired through transformative learning with intuitive methods involve procedural knowledge of “know how” and are long lasting.

Gamma (38-100 Hz)
Beta (12-38 Hz)
Alpha (8-12 Hz)
Theta  (4-8 Hz)
Delta (0.1-4 Hz)

Gamma brain waves (38-100 Hz) have the highest frequencies of any brainwave, oscillating between 38Hz to 100 Hz. They are associated with peak concentration and high levels of cognitive functioning.    Low levels of gamma activity have been linked with learning difficulties, impaired mental processing and limited memory, while high gamma activity is correlated with a high IQ, compassion, excellent memory, and happiness.  Research suggests that you may be able to boost your gamma wave production by meditating (focusing your attention).  

Theta brain waves (4-8 Hz) appear during meditative, drowsy, or sleeping states (but not during deep sleep).  When we are awake, excess theta levels can result in feeling scattered or day-dreamy. Too much theta in the left hemisphere is thought to result in lack of organization, whereas too much theta on the right results in impulsivity. Midline theta (average of 6Hz) is associated with opening the sensory gate to the hippocampus (memory consolidation and memory processing, transferring new learning into long-term memory) for intermediate storage of information and is also known as the “autopilot” zone. Theta appears during a task requiring focused concentration, is associated with working memory and retrieval and is produced during hypnosis and deep meditation.    

Experts believe that theta waves are important for processing information, making memories and different types of learning.  Examining direct brain recordings from patients performing a memory task, studies found neighboring clusters of cortex with oscillations at specific frequencies within 2 to 15 Hz.  Slow oscillatory activity within neuronal networks allows synchronization of distant brain regions.  Studies in humans have linked slow oscillations with prefrontal cortex processing of memories during slow oscillatory activity. The prefrontal cortex along with the frontal lobe is associated with long- and short-term memory, remembering tasks and information.  

Gamma (peak concentration and high levels of cognitive functioning ) and theta (task requiring focused concentration produced during meditation) brainwaves work together to recruit neurons which stimulate local cell column activity, associated with cortical processing related to cognitive functions.  

High-amplitude gamma wave synchrony (periods of focused mental activities) can be self-induced with meditation and these thought-feeling practices. Long-term practitioners such as Tibetan Buddhist monks exhibit both increased gamma-band activity at baseline as well as significant increases in gamma synchrony  during meditation, as determined by scalp EEG.  

These Attentional and Observational Skills offered here will utilize both gamma and theta brainwaves (specific focused mental activity) which work together in cortical processing related to cognitive functions. The skills acquired through transformative learning with intuitive methods involve procedural knowledge of “know how” and are long lasting.

Course Curriculum