Creating Ease eBooks, & MP3

Applied Emotional Intelligence Skills + 13 MP3 guided Thought-Feeling Practices

Creating Ease @Work: An inspiring resource for anyone seeking to grow, motivate others or build a successful team.   Get familiar with the DISC styles and the Four Temperaments.

 Otherwise known as soft or people skills, interpersonal skills are used every day when interacting and communicating with other people.  

Stronger interpersonal skills help people achieve greater success in both their personal and professional lives. Included are specific techniques and detailed guidance on handling each style effectively through nourishment and not through criticism and provides solutions for team dynamics: diversity, conflict, creativity, etc.  

A must-have resource for any business owner, manager, employee or leader.

Creating Ease: Imagine your life free of pain, sadness or resentment, free of that difficulty that grinds your soul and prevents you from moving forward: try the thought-feeling practices introduced here.

To create is a human privilege. Creating Ease is your free will.   By Creating Ease you get out of difficulty and pain, and simultaneously you reach higher existential dimensions.

This guide basically teaches you how to un-create subconscious habits that are no longer useful to you, and how to create the well-sought-after state of well-being: the state of Ease, self-worth, and harmony.  

The author sensitively addresses delicate subjects such as pain, difficulty, fear of acceptance, lack of self-esteem and lack of personal value. Then she approaches huge living-concepts and makes them easy to implement; she presents practical solutions through a fresh perspective that sends the reader into self-knowledge and motivation.  

Inspirational, for personal development or stress reduction, or for anyone who deals with difficulty or pain, physical, emotional, intellectual, financial, or relationship, this book is for You! 

Carmen Sauciuc, CHt

Carmen Sauciuc is board certified in Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapy, trained with the Milton H. Erickson Foundation, is a Contemporary Shaman, a Reiki Master Teacher and designs thought-feeling® practices as feelfulness techniques for both therapeutic purpose, peak performance or mastery.

Carmen Sauciuc coined the term “feelfulness” in 2011. A Mensa member, mixed media artist and an international best-selling author Carmen professes “all it takes is willingness.”

If mindfulness is a state achieved by focusing your awareness on the present moment, calmly accepting your feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, Carmen teaches you how to achieve a higher state of Feelfulness by choosing the thought-feelings® desired, generating that state and using it both as a therapeutic technique, peak performance or mastery.

Carmen states: "Deliberately practicing chosen thought-feelings on a regular basis provides a significant tangible shift in your state of being. Because ideas weaved with corresponding feelings become creative actions and tangible results, make sure to use this circular sequence of creation wisely:

• Awareness  • Thought  • Attention  • Choice  • Action (generating states)

The subconscious works in and from patterns so be persistent and insistent; repeat your thought-feelings to imprint on your subconscious to deliver you the reality you desire:  • Pattern Recognition - Thoughts  • Pattern Utilization - Feelings  • Pattern Creation - Thought-Feelings

The masterful self never entertains a feeling which does not contribute to a desired achievable outcome. This is the secret of mastery."


  • Creating Ease eBooks, & MP3
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    Creating Ease eBooks, & MP3

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The sessions work so well. I became (more) full of life, I am also very confident, calm and happy even if I’m tired and have a lot of work to do.  I noticed that I am even more playful.  I play with children and we are happy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Eugenia C.
The Orchid Co.

 The exercises come in handy throughout the day. I’m having to navigate difficult conversations throughout the day. I’m feeling very capable and I have the tools and the inner strength to self-advocate and advocate for others.

Adrian P.
Software Developer

 I feel more confident and know how to address situations (but I’m also open to other’s ideas) and I have an improved focus with tons of details at work but also  in life direction and I just know what to do.

Tina S.