Creating Ease eBooks (@Life, @Work) with Thought Feeling Practices & Self Reflection exercises

Applied Emotional Intelligence Skills, Creating Ease eBooks as a self-paced mini-workshop

Something happens when you are conscious that does not happen when you are not conscious.  Today’s understanding of consciousness is based on the presence or absence of an experience – which is an incomplete understanding.  

William James (1890), the father of functional psychology  states that being conscious is associated with selective attention; the stimuli that enter consciousness are at the focus of attention, having been selected from competing stimuli to enable effective completion of the task.

Everyday you’re required to complete complex tasks with competing stimuli, while being required to be flexible.  

Thoughts and feelings affect who you become and what you achieve, and when you have the power to change them, you gain the power to change your turn of events, your health, and your relationships.  

Creating Ease books will help you become more conscious about your selective attention, those stimuli that enters your consciousness that divert your focus to un-ease and recommends effective methods for re-diverting your focus to creating ease in your personal and professional life.

How do you choose?  


  •  Creating Ease @Life eBook (flipbook and PDF) 
  • Creating Ease @Work eBook (flipbook and PDF) 
  • Creating Ease Model a self pace mini-course with: 
  • Thought-Feeling practices audio format (intro to Feelfulness) 
  • Self Reflection (workshop style) in between chapters 
  • Positive Psychology Exercises 
  • Access from any device
  • Lifetime access

This digital version of the books includes the Thought-Feeling practices in audio format and self-reflection exercises to help you gain more insight about yourself and to help you expand your understanding about your ineffective patterns as well as the effective patterns.

        Enjoy and Be well!  

  • Creating Ease eBooks + Audio Thought-Feeling
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    Creating Ease eBooks, Thought Feeling Practices Audio, Self-Reflection Exercises

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  • Creating Ease eBook
  • Creating Ease @Work eBook
  • Thought-Feeling Practices Audio
  • Mini-course, workshop style
  • Self Reflection Exercise with each chapter
  • Positive Psychology Exercise
  • lifetime access
  • access from any device