Ray Bayley, DC DCBCN: BA, BA, BS, DC  is Board Certified in Clinical Nutrition, focusing on Complementary and Integrative Medicine and optimizing metabolism, in clinical practice, and teaching such to lay and to professional.


Most people have heard the Hippocratic Oath of "first, do no harm, through action or inaction". Doc Ray prefers to add to that "second, maximize the ratio of positive benefits to costs and risks".

Mostly doing Functional Medicine Dr. Bayley often is a counselor, link, and resource for complementary, alternative, and integrative medicine. He taught doctors-to-be in those areas for 11 years, and doctors in cities around the US for 20 years, mostly in board-certifying sequences.

Some patients use him as their sole primary physician, however, since "no one can know it all", he encourages you to have a team for your better health and healing/healing facilitation.


Whatever your goal on the spectrum from more comfort and more of a sense of well-being, to finding, treating, and preventing causes and causes of causes etc., to healthier functions, to your radiant health, Doc Ray can give you options and steps to take, whether those steps are with him or others. E.g. he helps some with what they should ask of and request from others on their health/healing team. Some use his knowledge and skills to focus on particular acute problems, some on particular chronic problems, and some seek more over-all health.


Doc Ray spends, on the average, half of his professional hours a week updating and increasing his knowledge. Most of that is in the clinical nutrition/clinical metabolism area. In many health/healing fields, the amount of new knowledge coming out (e.g. peer-reviewed papers published) is doubling approximately every 2.5 years these days. So, 20 hours learning per week in 2.5 years should be 40, 2.5 more years 80, etc. No one person can know it all, nor even keep up with the wondrous growing wealth of knowledge. So, all of us on your health/healing team do what we can in being perpetual students and that's a big part of why Doc Ray recommends you have such a team.


Doc Ray particularly likes seeking the cause of a problem, and the cause of that cause, etc., in order to get you so healthy that the problem at least is not likely to get worse and preferably it's gone plus not likely to reoccur.

Susceptibility plus trigger gives reaction. At least decrease the trigger causing the problem reaction. Preferably also decrease susceptibility so you no longer are so susceptible to the trigger, hopefully eventually meaning you don't have to avoid the trigger.


"Positive benefits" include the targeted benefit plus side positives. E.g. in using the NeuroResearch protocols to remove the relative (conditional) nutrient deficiencies that can cause the symptoms of depression, Doc Ray not only finds the depression usually going away but also there's often, over time, e.g., improvement in memory, cognition, sleep, bowel movements, and/or energy. E.g. what is healthy for the immune system tends to be also healthy for the skin, cardiovascular, nervous system, etc.

"Costs and risks" include negative side effects. E.g. if you can have the desired target benefit of improved sleep or lack of depression without the negative side effects of drugs, then why not do that?

If you want, Doc Ray can prioritize steps to take, so that each step covers as much as possible at the likely least costs possible. Doc Ray's auto mechanic has a sign in his shop that says "There are 3 ways you can have it: fast, cheap, and good. Pick two." While that is not always the case in healing and improving health, sometimes we do have to have more patience or put in more.

Some examples of problems that Doc Ray has helped decrease and control, if not eliminate:

ADD/ADHD and other autism spectrum disorders
adrenal problems
allergies and other immune hypersensitivities
anxiety disease
cognition & memory problems
diabetes and other blood sugar problems
insomnia and other trouble sleeping
irritable bowel
menopause, adrenopause
osteoarthritis/degenerative joint
ostepenia & osteoporosis
other pain and/or inflammation
rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune
skin dry and/or sensitive
spinal problems
sprains & strains
wound healing

http://www.docbayley.com/  is general information about my professional side/my work and the Edgebrook Office.
https://www.facebook.com/DocBayley  is health & healing info that I mostly don't see in common media, often applies to patients I see, plus if people did the recommendations I give there they would not need my (and most other physicians') help as much.

NB: Appointment hours available:
Initial visits are usually scheduled for 90 minutes and follow-ups for 60, in case such is needed. Out-of-towners or other difficulty cases might request more time.

Call the Edgebrook office (773-774-9200) to schedule an appointment. Fairly often there is no one in the office to answer the phone on Thursday and the weekend, so leave a voice message. I'm only at the Edgebrook office when I have an appointment there. Available times are 2pm until late Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Friday I sometimes have to be out of the office by 9pm. I only consent to have appointments on the weekend if there is no way the client can come on those weekdays ( I'm there late weekdays to accommodate people who can't get off work during the day) plus they are from out of town (e.g. had to fly in on the weekend).
The Edgebrook office is at 6448 N. Central Ave., Chicago, IL  60646-2935. Park in the rear for free or beware of parking limitations and costs on the streets.

NB: Update:  
New information in health/healing fields is accelerating in its growth.  Currently it's doubling about every 2.5 years in many fields, especially in the fields I work in.  I put in more time than most educating myself every week (average is half of my professional time each week), and I've been doing that for decades, but even I can't keep up with it all.  So, check back in with me periodically about anything I tell you -- I may have corrections and additions.  And so, don't hesitate to tell me about what you have found out on your own or via others, and don't hesitate to question and challenge me -- every week I learn things from patients and students of mine.  And I hope on your part you won't hesitate to hear knowledge and questions from me.