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Feel a Feeling by Choice 

Generating States of Being


Includes the e-book Plus the Guided Thought-Feeling Practices audio

“Feel the Feeling” they say, “that's the secret,” they say, yet what remains unsaid is the ‘how’ – the practical, actionable steps to truly grasp this mysterious skill. I questioned the experts' cryptic advice, and it became clear to me that there was the need to demystify this skill and make it accessible to anyone who desires it, because I always had this skillset, and I believed everyone else possessed it. Little did I know, this skillset is what many spend a lifetime seeking to unlock.

Thus, this book was born, out of my desire to bridge the gap between the tantalizing 'secret' and the tangible 'how-to.' I believe that within these pages, you will find the practical guidance you need to tap into the profound art of feeling the feeling by choice. It is my hope that by sharing my insights, I can empower you to harness this skillset and embark on your own journey of transformation. While experiencing the skills firsthand in real-life encounters when taught in workshops, I am optimistic that this text will offer valuable assistance.

I wrote this book as a guide to assist practitioners, coaches, team leaders, and caretakers with developing the ability to generate states of being through conscious choice. Feelfulness® -Feel a feeling by Choice- at its core, equips you with the tools you need serving as a cornerstone for transformative personal growth. By mastering the art of Generating States of Being, you'll enter the realm of embodied presence that transcends words and language, allowing you to influence profound shifts in the lives of your clients by becoming a conduit for transformation, uplifting those you work with to new levels of well-being.

Within these pages, you'll discover not only magic word formulas but practical strategies to harness your inner resources and confidently achieve your goals. It's essential to acknowledge that there's no one-size-fits-all solution to life's challenges, and that past experiences have shaped your present mindset. However, as an adult, you possess the power to make choices that loosen the grip of status-quo.

This journey will solidify a robust foundation of self-esteem, self-confidence, and a willingness to embrace what Dr Carl Jung termed 'individuation.' In simple terms, it's about embracing your authentic self and helping your clients do the same, acknowledging both the positive and negative facets of your being as sources of empowerment, leading to adaptive states by utilizing available resources toward positive outcomes.

This book is crafted to be accessible to students at all levels, while offering substantial value to seasoned practitioners interested in honing their skillset, as the gateway to mastering the art of Generating States of Being and embarking on a transformative journey.  I invite you to dive in because boundless possibilities await you. Because deep within you lies the powerful realm of the feeling mind, the true essence of your driver: your subconscious mind which holds the key to shaping your experiences. With Feelfulness® you gain the ability to navigate this inner landscape consciously.  

Feeling a Feeling by choice is not something entirely new; our ancestors instinctively grasped the art of harmonizing with their environment, guided by an innate inner science that allowed them to navigate life's complexities. The need for modern empirical evidence as a validation was absent in those ancient eras, as their profound understanding of the inner workings of emotions was woven into the fabric of their existence. You can choose to feel a feeling by choice, empowering you to unleash the immense potential within.

By cultivating special awareness and intentional focus, you can tap into the transformative force of your subconscious, paving the way for profound transformation. With Feelfulness®, you embrace the extraordinary capacity to shape your emotional reality and create fulfilling experiences on your terms.  How would you like to feel?


Feelfulness is one of the most advanced skills to acquire and to master for oneself and once practiced enough number of times, in my experience, it has become an automatic habit for me and for everyone I taught this as a skill.  

Effortlessly generating states for your clients begins  with mastering generating states for yourself first, having a clear discernment over the similarities and differences over the flavors (gradients) between various states of being (not just state of mind).  

Once mastered, your generated state can be made available or transferred so-to-speak to your client or an audience (colleagues, family, or group of people).

This is the reason why is necessary to increase your acuity, perfecting your detached observation skills (or at least attempting to) that non-biased type of keen observation, so when and if you get to the negative patterns, you will already have the skill to neutralize the undesired emotional reaction (triggers) and to choose your appropriate response.

This is the secret to mastering feelfulness.

 Lead singers do this very well, but they do not focus on projecting their state unto the audience, instead they focus on presenting their mastery and they allow themselves to feel the feeling of, to swim in their mastery while they perform, and this is how most have their fans “under their spell.”

It's not a "spell". It's FEELFULNESS!


Creating Ease @Life

Applied Emotional Intelligence

Includes the e-book Plus the Guided Thought-Feeling Practices audio

Something happens when you are conscious that does not happen when you are not conscious. Today’s understanding of consciousness is based on the presence or absence of an experience – which is an incomplete understanding.  

William James (1890), the father of functional psychology  states that being conscious is associated with selective attention; the stimuli that enter consciousness are at the focus of attention, having been selected from competing stimuli to enable effective completion of the task.

Everyday you’re required to complete complex tasks with competing stimuli, while being required to be flexible.

Thoughts and feelings affect who you become and what you achieve, and when you have the power to change them, you gain the power to change your turn of events, your health, and your relationships.  

How do you choose?

Creating Ease @work

Applied Emotional Intelligence

Includes the e-book Plus the Guided Thought-Feeling Practices audio

An inspiring resource for anyone seeking to grow, motivate others or build a successful team.

Get familiar with the DISC styles and the Four Temperaments.

Otherwise known as soft or people skills, interpersonal skills are used every day when interacting and communicating with other people.

Stronger interpersonal skills help people achieve greater success in both their personal and professional lives.

Included are specific techniques and detailed guidance on handling each style effectively through nourishment and not through criticism and provides solutions for team dynamics: diversity, conflict, creativity, etc.

A must-have resource for any business owner, manager, employee or leader.

D - Dominant /Direct
I - Interactive /Influential
S - Steady /Submissive
C - Compliant/Conscientious

Inclus este cartea in formatul eBook Plus Practicile Ghidate de Gand-Simt inregistrate Audio

Familiarizeaza-te cu cele patru stiluri de comportament DISC si cu cele patru temperamente.

Abilitatile interpersonale sau relatiile cu oamenii sunt folosite în fiecare zi atunci cand interactionam si comunicam cu alte persoane.

Competentele interpersonale mai dezvoltate ne ajuta sa obtinem un succes sporit atat pe latura personala, cat si pe cea profesionala.

Aici gasesti tehnici specifice si îndrumari detaliate cu privire la manuirea eficienta a fiecarui tip de temperament, management prin încurajare si îndrumare si nu prin critica negativa, ci oferind solutii pentru diversitatea echipei: individualitate, diversitate, conflict, creativitate etc.

O resursa necesara pentru oricine doreste sa inspire, sa motiveze sau sa cladeasca o echipa de succes.

O carte musai pentru orice lider sau oricine lucreaza cu oamenii.

D - Dominant /Direct
I - Interactiv /Influentator
S - Supus /Statornic
C - Consistent /Constiincios

Inclus este cartea in formatul eBook Plus Practicile Ghidate de Gand-Simt inregistrate Audio

Imagineaza-ti viata eliberata de suparare, tristete sau resentimentul de dificultate care iti macina sufletul si te impiedica sa mergi inainte: incearca practicile ghidate de gând-simt introduse aici.

A Creea este un privilegiu uman. A Creea Usorul este vointa libera.

Prin Crearea Usorului te dezlegi de dificultati si durere si simultan atingi dimensiuni existentiale superioare.

Acest ghid practic te invata cum sa de-creezi obiceiuri subconstiente care nu iti mai aduc folos, si cum sa creezi starea de bine cea mult cautata: starea de usor, de valoare de sine si armonie.
Carmen Sauciuc-Osz adreseaza cu sensibilitate subiecte delicate, precum dificultatea, durerea, teama de confruntare, teama de acceptare, lipsa de stima de sine si lipsa de valoare personala; dupa care abordeaza concepte uriase pe care le transforma in solutii usor de implementat, prezentate printr-o perspectiva proaspata ce indeamna cititorul la auto-cunoastere si motivatie.

Inspirationala, pentru dezvoltare personala sau reducere a stresului, sau pentru oricine se confrunta cu dificultati sau dureri, fizice, emotionale, intelectuale, financiare, sau de relatii, aceasta carte este pentru Tine.

Includes the e-book Plus the Guided Thought-Feeling Practices audio

Self Acceptance: How compassion frees you, heals you and leads you to Ease

When you think of having good emotional health, terms like happiness, self-esteem, self-confidence, optimism, and mental toughness likely come to mind.

You might not consider the ideas of self-acceptance and ease.  
But isn’t ease what we’re all seeking?

Think of how many things you do each day in an effort to feel more accepted:

●You say or do things to impress others.  
●You say or do things to avoid being ridiculed by others.  
●You work at a job you don’t like so you can make more money to buy things you want or to impress others.  
●You exercise and diet beyond what is reasonable in order to look a certain way.  

The list is really endless. We spend a lot of our day trying to feel more content.
However, these things aren’t the path to radical ease.  

The real secret is self-acceptance.
Let’s dive in.   

Includes the e-book Plus the Guided Thought-Feeling Practices audio

Fighting Your fears: 10 Proven techniques for Overcoming Worry and Anxiety

In this guide, you’ll discover proven strategies for facing and overcoming your fears.

You’ll learn effective, healthy strategies for handling worry and anxiety.

No, your fears won’t suddenly vanish. But you’ll be equipped to face them and deal with them.  

When fear gets out of control, it can take over and prevent us from enjoying life.

When we’re consumed by fear, we can’t be present for others or do the things we love.  

Overwhelming fear affects our health, saps our strength, makes it difficult to concentrate, and robs us of sleep.  

It also keeps us from taking any risks. If we’re afraid, we won’t start new businesses, write books, or initiate relationships.  

We’ll constantly play it safe, always trying to insulate ourselves from any negative consequences. When we play it safe, we don’t grow.

We stagnate.  
We miss out on great opportunities.  

Let’s dive in.  

Includes the e-book Plus the Guided Thought-Feeling Practices audio

Self Awareness: Using self awareness to be your best self

Self-awareness is the most important aspect of personal development.  

It determines nearly everything else, including whether you’re able to stay motivated and achieve your goals.    

As you peel away the layers, you’ll discover wonderful things about yourself when you simply become more aware.  

With self-awareness, you can change deeply held beliefs if they don’t serve you well.    

The journey of self-discovery is never-ending and filled with surprises and adventures in your inner landscape.  

  For example, you might tell yourself, “Now I’m experiencing anger.”  

You can then go on to ask yourself why you’re getting angry and where that anger is coming from.  

Certainly, your soul within you is not angry. So who is?    

Fully knowing yourself includes being aware of your thoughts and watching them objectively as an observer, without emotion or attachment.  

Conscious change cannot happen without full awareness.    
Let’s dive in.  

Includes the e-book Plus the Guided Thought-Feeling Practices audio

Reframing Self-Critical Thoughts & Boost Your Self-Esteem

Self-critical thoughts can be overwhelming.  They can consume your day and make it difficult to focus on anything else.  

These types of negative thoughts can harm you in numerous ways.      

Self-criticism can be an ongoing dialogue inside your head.

Most of these thoughts focus on flaws, whether actual or perceived.

Sometimes the thoughts start after a critical comment from another person.        

In rare cases, self-criticism can be useful. It may increase humbleness and provide a way to evaluate mistakes.  

However, most of the time, self-criticism creates unnecessary pain and suffering.      

Self-critical thoughts can increase the risk of depression, anxiety, stress, and other mental health issues.

They also weaken your self-esteem and confidence.      

Luckily, you can learn to reframe these negative thoughts in your head and overcome them.

Let’s dive in.  


About the Author
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Carmen Sauciuc coined the term Feelfulness a set of emotional intelligence techniques for Generating States as Peak Performance Skills by using Word Triangles (neuro-language). If mindfulness (mind+fulness) is a choice with shift in Thought, then Feelfulness (feel+fulness) is a choice with shift in FEELING. Thought comes second, senses come first, therefore knowing how to choose the thoughts that generate your emotions and then choose the feeling to accompany that thought will lead to Generating a desired State which can be used both as a therapeutic technique, peak performance or mastery.

Because the subconscious works from patterns 1. Pattern Recognition (thoughts) 2. Pattern Utilization (feelings) and 3. Pattern Creation (thought-feelings), by repeating chosen Thought-Feelings© you will imprint on your subconscious to deliver your reality, and because ideas weaved with corresponding feelings become creative actions and tangible results, Carmen provides the Creating Ease Model© a circular sequence for Pattern Creation. 1. Awareness, 2. Thought, 3. Attention, 4. Choice, 5. Action (thought-feeling©).

Why? because the masterful self never entertains a feeling which does not contribute to a desired achievable outcome. This is the secret of mastery.

Carmen Sauciuc is influenced by Milton Erickson's solution focused neuroplasticity and William James' functional psychology and seeks to address the requirements of basic human needs as described by Abraham Maslow. She is board certified in Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapy by the American Board of Hypnotherapy and Neurolinguistic, is trained with the prestigious Milton H. Erickson Foundation and certified in higher consciousness (shamanism) helping clients achieve Ease, Mastery and Self-Actualization.

Carmen's Thought-Feeling© practices are unique mind-body connection techniques that have lasting effects through the power of neuroplasticity by providing a set of intuitive skills as applied emotional intelligence, to increase your self-awareness and resilience while dismantling your insecurities and self-sabotaging habits to achieve a higher degree of emotional intelligence as peak performance skills.

With a high degree of self-awareness and great purity of mind, being fascinated by Consciousness and Creation, from a young age Carmen embarked on exploring the wider realms of human existence where she uncovered a ton of hidden gems. Understanding complex subjects coupled with the capability to break them down to smaller pieces for common sense understanding, comes easy to her and empowers her to teach others how to create Ease and achieve Mastery in everyday life.

A Mensa member, mixed media artist and an international best-selling author Carmen professes “all it takes is willingness.”

Academically trained in Economics Financial Accounting, her professional endeavors in the corporate world offered opportunities that allowed her to develop systems of automation and increased performance efficiencies. Her motto “work less, accomplish more” coupled with her gained proficiency in streamlining business processes and procedures, enabled her to carry forward this expertise to other areas of living systems, to one of the most important bio-systems being that of human behavior.

With persistence and determination, she was able to conquer several auto-immune conditions, chronic pain and dis-ease and armed with a wealth of practical knowledge, she is unveiling the underlying energies that are sabotaging our biology at a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level.

The term Emotional Intelligence was first used in 1985 by Wayne Leon Payne in "A Study of Emotion: Developing Emotional Intelligence; Self-Integration; Relating to Fear, Pain and Desire" where he stated that Emotional Intelligence is a SKILL that involves a creative relationship with the states of fear, pain and desire!

Carmen's techniques focus on consciously revealing internal meta-programs that affects your well-being and utilizing this knowledge to re-pattern your internal processes. Thought comes second, senses come first, therefore knowing how to choose the thoughts that generate your emotions and then choose the appropriate feeling will lead to Generating a desired State (applied emotional intelligence) which can be used both as a therapeutic technique, peak performance or mastery.

How do you wish to feel?


Appointment hours :  Initial consultation can take from 90 min to 120 min to help you establish goals and to learn about what is available to you.  After that, a session can last anywhere from 50 min to 75 min depending on where you are with your progress.  

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